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Other Data Sources

Living Standards Measurement Study

Living Standards Measurement Study is brought by the World Bank Group and is focused on household data. 

For data go to Living Standards Measurement Study

Enterprise Surveys incl. Investment Climate Assessment

Enterprise Surveys is powered by the World Bank Group and can be accessed via registration. You will then be granted access to a database concerning the business conditions for a wide selection of different developing countries. Information on infrastructure for business purposes, interaction with government officials, productivity, financing amongst more general information is found here. Many countries have only been subject to one survey, and the database is therefore in some cases better for comparing across countries than across time. 

As part of the Enterprise Surveys is the Investment Climate Assessment (ICA).

For data go to Enterprise Surveys

Doing Business

Doing Business is powered by the World Bank Group and provides measures of business regulations and their impact on local business.

For data go to Doing Business

Demographic and Health Surveys

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) supplies information on population, health, HIV and nutrition in developing countries.

For data go to Demographic and Health Surveys

The Centre for the Study of African Economies

CSAE is based in Oxford University and provides information on developing economies, especially in Africa. This data is afterwards used for political recommendations.

For data go to The Centre for the Study of African Economies