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Illegal logging and legality verification - the FLEGT / VPA as new modes of governance

The conference has been held

Post-conference update

Date: December 6th and 7th, 2012

Venue: Faculty of Science, Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg C.


In 2003 the EU adopted its Action Plan on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) that lays out a set of supply and demand side measures to tackle the underlying causes of illegal logging. In order to promote the import of legal timber to Europe, the EU proceeded in 2005 to introduce Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs), legally binding trade agreements with a number of timber exporting countries. These agreements aim to improve forest governance and provide for greater transparency and accountability on the supply side of timber. The demand side is addressed with the EU Timber Regulation which enters into force in March 2013, prohibiting the placement of illegally harvested timber on the European market. Companies that place timber on the EU market for the first time whether sourced in- or outside Europe - are required to exercise due diligence to ensure that the timber they deal with is from legal sources. These so-called operators will need in-depth information about their timbers origin, the occurrence of illegal logging in the country of harvest and solutions to reduce the risk of buying illegal timber. This international conference will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss their work related to illegal logging, trade in illegal tropical timber and to measures aimed at counteracting such practices. 

Conference sum-up, participants and proceedings

The conference organisers wish to thank all participants for making the conference an inspiring and memorable experience for all. Interesting presentations were given and important discussions were taken during the conference.

Conference proceedings will be made available on-line subsequent to the conference event.

Conference organisers

The conference was organised by the Institute of Resource Economics, the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the European Forest Institute (EFI), and the Yale program on Forest Policy and Governance. Funding was provided by the collaborating institutions as well as by Danida and FSE (the Danish Research Council for Social Science Research, research project on Multilevel Governance and sustainable forestry).

Conference contact person: Kirsten Carlsen; Karin Buhmann; Iben Nathan ( ); Christian P. Hansen: (