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The Copenhagen Centre for Development Research (CCDR) policy briefs present research-based information in a brief and concise format targeted policy makers and researchers. Readers are encouraged to make reference to the briefs or the underlying research publications in their own publications.

2018 / 03

European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement in Ghana: Introducing needed change or reinforcing business as usual?

Christian Pilegaard Hansen, Rebecca Rutt, Emmanuel Acheampong2

/ 02

Pathway out of poverty for upland communities in Nepal: “high altitude gold” and its development potential

Mariève Pouliot, Dipesh Pyakurel, Carsten Smith-Hall

/ 01

Frontier Spaces: Territorialization and Resource Control

Christian LundMattias Borg Rasmussen
2017 / 02

Rule and Rupture. State formation through the production of property and citizenship

Christian Lund, Michael Eilenberg
/ 01

Governance trends in large-scale informal urban settlements in Africa

Paul A. Stacey, Christian Lund
2016 / 02

Economic land concessions decrease rural household incomes in Cambodia

X. Jiao, C. Smith-Hall, Ida Theilade
2016 /

Case studies of natural resource access in Jharkhand, India: Implications for ’democratic’ decentralisation

S. Sareen
2015 / 04 The economic and social viability of Tanzanian Wildlife Management Areas K. Homewood, J. Bluwstein, J.F. Lund, A. Keane, M.R. Nielsen, M. Msuha, J. Olila, N. Burgess
2015 / 03 The logic of professionalization in participatory forestry Jens Friis Lund, Rebecca Leigh Rutt
2015 / 02 Community forests can contribute more to rural Nepalese livelihoods H.O. Larsen, S. Rayamajhi, C. Smith-Hall, T. Treue, H. Meilby, B.B.K. Chhetri, L. Puri, R. Pokharel, K.R. Tiwari, R.L. Rutt, S.Z. Walelign, M. Pouliot
2015 / 01 Environmental resource income is important for earthquake-hit rural households Carsten Smith-Hall, Helle Overgaard Larsen, Mariève Pouliot, Bir Bahadur Khanal Chhetri, Santosh Rayamajhi, Henrik Meilby, Lila Puri
2014 / 03 Rural livelihood trends and vulnerability to climate change: evidence from Nepal Anja Byg
2014 / 02 Communities can monitor forest carbon ‘as well as experts’

Søren Brofeldt, Simon B. L. Lægaard, Jacob K. Keldsen, Ida Theilade, Teis P. Adrian

2014 / 01 A human security perspective on natural resource conflict and rural development Jennifer Bond