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Agricultural Growth and Poverty Pockets (AGROPOP)

Professor Henrik Hansen is involved in the research project 'Agricultural Growth and Poverty Pockets'. The Danida funded project is in collaboration with Professor Niels Fold from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management and Dr. Mai Van Nam, Dean at the School of Economics and Business Administration, Can Tho University.

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project is to provide a better understanding of the processes that create and shape geographically concentrated areas ('pockets') of poverty in regions marked by agricultural growth and diversification.

The overall objective will be approached by looking into the following set of interlinked, immediate objectives:

  • To conceptualise poverty pockets in agricultural growth regions
  • To theorize the relationship between the (local and global) drivers of agricultural growth regions and the development of poverty pockets
  • To develop cross-disciplinary methods to identify and explain poverty pockets using both qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • To assess the nature of poverty traps, i.e. potentially persistent poverty pockets

Empirically, the aim of this project is to examine the poverty dimension of the agricultural growth and diversification process that unfolds in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.

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